The Importance of Wearing the Rotary Pin

Tanaka90pby Sakuji Tanaka, President, Rotary International.

I am a Japanese businessman, and I wear a suit almost every day. The Rotary pin is always on my lapel. It is there because I am proud to be a Rotarian. Anywhere I go, people will see the pin and know who I am. Other Rotarians will see it and know that I am a friend, and people who are not Rotarians will see it as well. I want to be sure that all of them also understand the meaning of this pin.

Rotary-pinThis is why I am asking all of you to wear your Rotary pin and to raise awareness of what the pin means. I believe having that pin on your lapel changes you. It makes you think more before you speak and before you act. It makes you remember, all the time, that you are a Rotarian – and that as Rotarians, we are here to help.

All of us should be ready to talk about Rotary. When someone asks you about that pin, you should be ready to answer them. What is Rotary? What does Rotary do? These are questions that each of us should always be prepared to answer.

We cannot go to prospective members and ask them to join Rotary only because we want more members. We have to show them that Rotary is a wonderful organization, and that they will be happier because they belong to a Rotary club.

When we ask people to join Rotary, we are doing this to help them as well. I think all of us are grateful to the person who asked us to join. I know that my life is much happier, and has been much more productive, because of Rotary. It is clear to me that the day I joined the Rotary Club of Yashio was a day when I took my first step down a different path in life – a path of greater connection, greater satisfaction, and a deeper sense of fulfillment and peace.

This is a feeling that I want to share with others. And I know that one way to do that is through bringing in new members. But we must also do it by raising awareness of Rotary and Rotary’s work, by focusing on our public image and wearing our Rotary pins every day.

About John Borst

John Borst’s career in education spans the years 1960 to 1996. During those 36 years, he spent an equal amount of time working int he English language, Public and Catholic school boards. Borst taught in both elementary and high school environments. Positions of responsibilities held included department head in Geography, curriculum coordinator of Social and Environmental Studies, Principal, Education Officer with the Ministry of Education, Superintendent of Schools, and Superintendent of Student Services. Borst retired in 1996 as Director of Education for the legacy Dryden Board of Education. During this time, Borst has lived in the Ontario communities of Brampton, Toronto, Newmarket, Thunder Bay, Aurora and Dryden. Currently, Borst splits his time between Dryden and Toronto. Since retirement, Borst has served as a Supervisory Officer with a remote School Authority; been a freelance writer of articles on education in particular for Education Today, the magazine of the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association (OPSBA); founded and edited from 2006 - 2010 the Education blog Tomorrow’s Trust: A Review of Catholic Education; and from 2003-2010 was a trustee of the Northwest Catholic District School Board.
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18 Responses to The Importance of Wearing the Rotary Pin

  1. I wear my pin every day, but with all due respect to RIP Tanaka, I don’t agree that our primary goal should be enticing people to “join” Rotary. Our primary goal should be to inspire the people we meet to embrace the principles upon which our lives as Rotarians are based.

  2. Dharam pal Gulati says:

    Use of rotary pin is must for all Rotarians

  3. imelda f. aquino says:

    I like Rotary because of the service projects and the fellowships.

  4. Proud to be a rotarian.

  5. Proud to be a Rotarian.. Serve for community without self-exception .
    give to the society whatever best you have . what i learn from the rotary

    subhash thorat President
    Rotary Club of Milkcity chalisgaon 3030

  6. Mohammad Khorshad Alam says:

    Proud to be a rotarian. Its an honour to be a part of it. Thanks ALLAH give me this opportunity to work with this great organisation.

  7. It’s simply amazing. I gained a lot of friends when i wear my Rotary pin everywhere I go.
    I wear it with so much pride because we are volunteers who have the heart and time for
    service. I will forever be proud to be a Rotarian and wear the pin everyday. Cheers to all
    Rotarians around the world!

  8. Franck says:

    I don’t think wearing a pin to show that you’re rotarian is the good approach to make people more informed or interested in Rotary. Most of non rotarian people are either :
    a- involved in other associations
    b- know what Rotary is and appreciate it, but for some reason cannot join a club
    c- have conspiracy ideas about Rotary as an organisation affiliated to freemasonry and trying to take control of the world for evil purposes
    d- are unfamiliar with Rotary or never heard of it
    Therefore, the pin stuff might be helpful only with people in “d” category, until the day they meet someone from “c”.
    In my opinion, tackling the conspiracy ideas largely widespread on internet would be much more effective.

  9. Wearing a lapel pin of Rotary has worth meaning in every one commented upon and said by shri.sakuji.

    Its prestigious n delivers the human in u to others as the core purpose n actions of Rotary.

    Wearing pin makes me to feel every conscious moments, I am A Rotarian..
    Really it adds value to U.

  10. Pawan Gupta says:

    Rotaract club pin RID 3120

  11. Isabel B.Besangre says:

    Im a proud Rotarian! The four way test is my everyday guide in all my dealings..

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  13. Carolyn McElroy says:

    I am most proud and hold it as an honor to be a member of Rotary International!

  14. Reblogged this on THE BLOG DU PIUSWILSON and commented:
    Interesting read!

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  17. I too am a proud Rotarian. The pin, however, seems to reinforce the notion that Rotary is for men. Few women wear suits with lapels. Is there a badge or jewelry committee that can determine some other means of ide tidying the wearer as a Rotarian??

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