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In the “New Order” 2 out of 4 is not good enough

by John Borst Brian Solis in “The End of Business as Usual” describes 5 stages for a business to achieve “customer-centricity” Stage four is defined as “Adaptive” meaning “informed, agile, and able to rapidly switch direction, grow, and evolve”. Rotary … Continue reading

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The ‘Common Good”: a cornerstone of peace

by Sakuji Tanaka, President Rotary International I am part of the first generation to grow up in Japan after a terrible war. I think it is natural that my countrymen now place a great priority on peace. We saw where … Continue reading

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Five Goals of The Rotary Foundation Trustees for 2012-13

By Wilf Wilkinson, The Rotary Foundation Trustee Chair Accepting the leadership of The Rotary Foundation after my predecessors – in particular, Past RI President Bill Boyd – did such a great job is a challenge. Oh, it’s not that I … Continue reading

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Shibumi: a way to greater diversity in Rotary leadership

Editor’s note: This reflection on Shibumi was originally written as a post at the Linkedin thread It’s Time for a Woman President in 2014-15! What do you think? It has been edited to appeal to a wider audience. By Emma Grace … Continue reading

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