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President Huang literally, is a member of a whole family of Rotarians

By Gary C K Huang President 2014 – 15 If you take a look at the Rotary calendar, it’s easy to see where our priorities as an organization lie. The Rotary year begins in July; in August we mark Membership … Continue reading

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Rotary Foundation Chair Reflects on the “Family” of Rotary

By D K Lee, Trustee Chair, Rotary Foundation December is Family Month, a time when we pay special attention to Rotary’s large and expanding family. Rotary is not just 1.2 million Rotarians in 34,558 clubs. We’re 365,125 Interactors, 133,860 Rotaractors, … Continue reading

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Is the Foundation on track to reach its goals?

by Wilfrid J. Wilkinson, Foundation Trustee Chair It’s hard to believe that we have already reached the month of December, the month that celebrates the family of Rotary. We are also nearing the halfway point of our Foundation’s year. Now … Continue reading

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Rotary, Peace Through Service, Families and Guns in America

by John Borst, A nation that lives in peace is a nation that controls its guns.  Is that too political a statement for the President of Rotary International to make? The “tragedy of Newtown” is the tragedy of Everytown, in … Continue reading

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Writing a line in the history of good

Kalyan Banerjee, 2011-12 RI President-elect Plenary address, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA 25 May 2011 Good morning and namaskar, as we say in India. Standing up here before all of you is without a doubt one of the most incredible moments … Continue reading

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