2 Responses to 4 Reasons Why Now is the Right Time for Rotary to Rebrand

  1. I have not seen evidence of the claim that Rotary and its brand were out of sync. We also need to be mindful of the many failed attempts to rebrand. In the Pepsi examples you provide, I note that since the first change after 1940 the red, white and blue color scheme was consistent and their font style changed.

    Rebranding is expensive and the decision to do so should emanate from a specific problem identified in the strategic planning process. Otherwise the return on investment is questionable. I wonder if there was an IRR or MIRR analysis done prior to initiating the rebranding of a brand that already had international recognition. The objectives in RI’s most recent strategic plan, in my opinion, were fully achievable without rebranding.

    Appealing to the younger generation has more to do with making the community aware of what Rotary is all about. That is a PR issue more than a marketing one. The “this close” ads were clearly effective and it is that kind of message that reaches the hearts and minds of people regardless of their age. I would have preferred any investment we made in rebranding to have been directed toward the message, not the logo.

  2. noronwe says:

    William, if you need more convincing and you obviously do link through to the video, watch that but more importantly read and view all of the video’s and text associated with the rebranding that Siegel+Gale have on their site. It is a fully expressed case study and documented rational of what has taken place and why.

    As you know, you are not alone in your inability to see the tiredness of the design. Notice how frequently Pepsi redesigned their logo. As you can see the esthetic of modern design is simplicity and language free. In a Global world of many languages wordless icons are the new universal language. Rotary and Siegel+Gale didn’t go quite that far but there is one design they provided which did. Rotary isn’t using it ….yet! They will eventually if they are smart.

    Pepsi’s design was met to be used without the Wordmark. For another example do a Google image search on the evolution of American Airlines designs. It is very interesting in light of where Rotary is going.

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