Trustees Approve New Rotary Foundation Funding Model

Infographic-TRF-funding-modelThe Rotary Foundation Trustees have approved a new model for funding the Foundation’s operating costs. Effective 1 July 2015, the Foundation will direct 5 percent of Annual Fund donations to help pay administrative and fund development expenses and to build a strong operating reserve. The Foundation will also draw on other funding sources, including 5 percent of cash contributions for global grants and up to 10 percent of select corporate gifts.

Our current method of using investment earnings to fund these costs is no longer financially sustainable in today’s unpredictable markets. Recognizing that financial markets will continue to be volatile, the Trustees developed a new model to achieve long-term financial sustainability.

Most nonprofit organizations allocate a percentage of their contributions to support future fundraising efforts. Looking ahead, the Foundation will continue its strong record of financial accountability and transparency.

Learn more about the new funding model.

Source: press release Rotary International

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2 Responses to Trustees Approve New Rotary Foundation Funding Model

  1. Bruce Sloane says:

    Not impressed.

    As Foundation chair for our club, this is a kick in the knees. I hope you have considered reducing your overheads first. Are we in the job creation market or community service business.

    Our club has decided not to contribute to several organizations because of their front end loads.

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