3 Responses to LogoMania at Rotary or Why we modified our logo?

  1. Ravi’s letter is a “cop out”, and a “cave in”. His and RI’s use of the term, mark of excellence, is a joke. That bold wheel, you think is great, is glaring and unreadable. Case in point: At the D-6440 Fall Conference, there were a number of Power Point slides using the new “bold” mark of excellence. Its shape was barely discernable, and the word unreadable. .

    With the mountain of information Siegel+Gale used, how could such a foolish conclusion been reached? How leading were their questions. Did they approach this from a foregone conclusion that they were going to change the logos? Worse, I am afraid the reason the RI staff and the RI BODs might have felt compelled to except Siegel+Gale’s recommendation, is because they paid an awful lot of money for a “miracle” cure for a problem that new logos will NOT cure.

  2. Basil Lewis says:

    I am a little worried by Ravi’s P.S. that “For the time being, as I understand it, there is no change envisaged in our lapel badge.” This suggests that there may be a change in the future. We have been told by RI that our present badges will continue in use, and that the new logos are optional. What is the position?

    • noronwe says:

      Basil, I too noticed that sentence and wondered if they were contemplating a change there too. With the reaction to date, I doubt it would occur. It would be like pouring petro on burning embers.

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